A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A very early build of a college assignment. The game is aiming to be an investigative thriller, However I do not need to finish the game for the assignment. This upload is more so to gauge feedback if I should finish it or if there's any interest to see it finished.

The demo only features up until the staircase.


Click to interact with Objects, A and D movement and W to enter doorways!


ProjectCait.zip (47 MB)
ProjectCaitMacBuild.zip (16 MB)


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I played this first build and I'd like to see more. I was thinking that, when it comes to interaction, it could be all keyboard-based (pressing E when you're parallel to an object will allow you to interact with it) or like it is now except expanded (the cursor would 'light up' when you have it over an object you can interact with).

Other than that, well, more interaction? I know it's early stages though. :)